Carpet is soft, cozy, warm, sound insulating, and very easy to maintain. It is also one of the less expensive ways to get new floor coverings in your home. Carpet comes in a variety of styles, qualities and colors and is easy to match with new or existing decor inside your home or business. Carpet comes in a variety of different types; each one has its own advantages and style. Learn more about stain and soil resistant carpet.


Plush Textured Carpet
Solid color plush carpet is not as soft as its counterparts (it can still be pretty soft!) but will show less foot prints and vacuum marks. Because of the tight weave it will stay plusher longer than other types of carpet.

Plush Saxony Carpet
A softer “lay your head on the carpet and go to sleep carpet” carpet. It also carries a certain shine to the carpet that makes it very attractive.

Berber Carpet
This type of carpet has a different construction type than the previous. It’s fibers are looped instead of standing straight up. It is more durable under foot traffic but not as comfortable under your toes. If you have pets make sure that you get the “zipper lock” type so that you won’t have any runs when Spot decides to go digging in your carpet.

Patterned Carpet
Exactly what it sounds like. It is a plush or berber type carpet with a pattern built into the fiber.

Print Carpet
Print Carpet is a plush or loop carpet that has a full color design printed on top of the fibers. It can look like flowers, zebra stripes, baseballs, or almost whatever you want!

LCL (Level Cut Loop) Carpet
This is a cross between a plush and a berber. Some of the fibers are standing straight up and some loop over. Becasue it is built this way, you also create a pattern inside of the carpet.

Frieze or California Shag Carpet
Bringing back the 70’s! This is the loosest type of carpet fiber to create a more modern shag type of carpet.


See the Carpet and Rug Institute for more carpet information