warehouseThe Beginning: Home Repair Solutions (HRS)

Avi Gunzburg, the founding and current working president of HRS Flooring/The Carpet Warehouse, got a job straight out of high school with a local contracting company that was headed by an expert craftsman. Avi worked very hard with this company, under expert instruction, learning many valuable skills in the construction industry, as well as life skills. After working for a few years, Avi got his employer’s blessing and went out on his own to set up The Home Repair Solution, a handyman company.

The Home Repair Solution was a lot of hard work. Avi focused on quality work and excellent customer service doing a lot of the work himself with skills learned on the job at his previous employer. Through this diligence to his reputation, and commitment to his customers, The Home Repair Solution turned out to be a successful endeavor. However, there were few handymen skilled enough to complete the vast breadth of work required by a good handyman. Avi realized that this limitation would limit his growth – hence, HRS Contracting.

The Middle: HRS Contracting

HRS Contracting focused on small commercial and medium-sized residential contracting jobs. It was a small success, but the amount of knowledge, the limits that seem to be placed on quality work, and diverse types of skilled labor needed to run it was overwhelming. Avi decided to pick one section of home improvement and construction that he knew, loved, could be the best at, and that he could price competitively. So was born HRS Flooring/The Carpet Warehouse.

Today: HRS Flooring/The Carpet Warehouse

The decision to start a company that could be the best in the industry, competitively priced, and grown with a passion was made. Avi renewed his commitment to his core beliefs, bought $200 worth of samples from a local flooring distributor, took out an ad in the Pennysaver and was in business.

HRS Flooring started out of Avi’s home garage in Northwest Baltimore City. After a few months HRS Flooring/The Carpet Warehouse grew into an EZ Storage unit that was 30 x 10 – 300 square feet – and has been expanding ever since, upgrading to more and more warehouse, showroom, and office space to better serve the needs of customers.

After many years of very hard work with an intense focus on the beliefs that make up HRS Flooring, the company blossomed into an organization that many people rely on today for employment and competitively priced carpet and flooring. Not only that, HRS Flooring/The Carpet Warehouse continues to be known for their top-notch service.

In 2013 we moved from our 7,000 square foot warehouse located at 4121 Amos Ave. to our new and improved 10,000+ square foot warehouse with a bigger and better showroom, more space for more stocking items, and promotional goods. We are currently located is at 4124 Menlo Drive in Northwest Baltimore City. From there we are able to service all of Maryland, DC, and parts of PA, DE, NJ, and VA. The company is continuing to grow and relies heavily on treating customers and employees right, repeat customers, and referrals.

HRS Flooring/The Carpet Warehouse still practices the same philosophies as they focused on from the very beginning:

  • Honesty, Integrity, and Trust supersede everything.
  • Customer happiness and satisfaction is paramount in everything we do before and after the sale.
  • We treat customers the way we want to be treated.